Row by Row 

start date is June 21 !

Here is our row….

The theme for 2016 is ‘home sweet home’. The quilt shop is my home to a good portion of my days. I’ve always wanted a cool old wagon. Winkler is home to a company called Triple E. They manufacture campers and more. My dachshund’s name is Ned and he is in the car! This is my sweet home called ‘winkler’. Come see me and pick up your kit to make this row!  Pattern was inspired and drawn by myself and my daughter. We hired Andrea Fehr to write it up.

Along with the row by row we are selling a fabric license plate. You can purchase them singly or with this cute ‘quilt police’ kit. Andrea wrote this pattern as well. This was inspired by Maryann, Cheryl and myself. This is the result of using slang and just being our crazy selves! See you all June 21!


3 thoughts on “Row by Row 

  1. Do you ship. I love the police car pattern. Would like to purchase it, also your row is very cute but I live in the USA and your shop is to far for me. So if the kit for that is available in November that would be wonderful. Not sure how much shipping is from Canada to Illinois


    • thanks for inquiring! we do ship. You can call the store at 1-204-325-4680. We can take your order and ship out what we can now and put aside the rest for now until shipping dates allow. The car pattern is $12 CAD. We just calculated shipping for a kit going to Oregon and it totaled $5.70 CAD


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