Collection: Daffodils and Dragonflies

1 quantity = 1/2 meter
by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda Fabrics
Sometimes, an entire fabric line starts with one delightful find.  While Carting a couple of nice, old quilts and a chippy shutter I'd found at an antique show to my car, I spied the small corner of a quilt peeking out from under a pile of chenille bedspreads.  It was calling my name, though I'll dig through any pile of old fabrics and textiles in hopes of finding something special.  This one burst forth with delicately shaded flowers and flying insects, creating a feeling of walking through a watercolor garden full of life.  I hope you find something about Daffodils and Dragonflies speaks to you in the same way it spoke to me. - Kansas Troubles Quilters