Collection: Hope Blooms

1 quantity = 1/2 meter
by Kansas Troubles for Moda Fabrics
I always look forward to the unique blessings of each season, and never more than after a year like 2020, one filled with challenges.  Instead of family vacations and quilt retreats, last summer offered sunny days connecting with the earth, tending a new garden.  Fall brought long walks admiring colorful foliage, and enjoying cozy evening by the fire in place of trips to quilt shops and guilds, and getting ready for Quilt Market. As the days got shorter, winter's gift was a slower schedule and a time at home to nest, create and plan for this year.  Soon tulips begin peeking through the snow as spring arrives, bringing a silent promise of renewal and new beginnings.  I am grateful for all the time I had a home this year to stitch, design, and re-imagine Kansas Troubles.  As I move into spring, I look forward to reconnecting with everyone who has kept us going, encouraging and supporting us.  My hope for the future blooms eternal, with all of us working together.   - Lynne Hagmeier