Collection: Maple Hill

1 quantity = 1/2 meter
by Kansas Troubles for Moda Fabrics
Fall is in the air.  Can you hear the crunch of dried leaves underfoot... feel the crisp chill in the air of an October morning and pull your sweater close? The beauty of the leaves as they change color and fall to the ground to make a lush carpet, and the evenings carry the smell of smoke from a bonfire, and the sweetness of melting marshmallows.  I savor this time outside as I prepare for the changes that winter will bring.  My Maple Hill collection embodies all the characteristics of fall with leaves, vines and geometrics in my signature palette.  Warm gold and pumpkin accents balance deep reds and blues, and they are grounded with earthy greens and browns.  Light tan and tone on tones for backgrounds.  Maple Hill is perfect for a cuddly fall quilt you can enjoy with all your senses.  - Kansas Troubles Quilters