Collection: Morning Light

1 quantity = 1/2 meter
by Linzee Kull McCray
In the heat of midsummer, I love to wake early and get out into the garden at dawn.  I gather gardening gloves and a trowel and amble across the lawn as the morning dew dampens my shoes and makes spiderwebs sparkle.  I'm there to pull weeds, but i also like to pause to sip my coffee, listen as the stillness is punctuated by bird calls, and glimpse the light through the  rustling leaves.
Whether its's glancing up as the rising sun silhouettes the massive walnut trees or looking down to discover ants parading  along the flagstones in a tidy line, these early mornings give me time to think and breathe.  Morning light brings those moments to mind, when the world is quiet and the garden reminds us there is beauty every day.
- Linzee