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The pfaff® creative iconTM sewing and embroidery machine NOW YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO ACHIEVE PERFECTION.

The personification of performance, our most advanced machine combines the PFAFF® legacy of maximum precision with every best-in-class feature you demand. The result is a feat of technological and engineering excellence destined to exceed the aspirations of today’s sewing, quilting and embroidery artisans.

Seamless connectivity, unparalleled power, maximum workspace and complete control: everything you need to create all you envision exactly as you envision it.


1. Largest Workspace
The market’s largest workspace: a 69% increase in area, 12.2in (310mm) width and 5.51in (140mm) height with increased height under the sewing head 3in (76.2mm), allowing plenty of room for any project

2. Comprehensive Connectivity with WiFi and mySewnetTM
Receive alerts on your smartphone, stay connected with machine updates, real-time project status, and dig- itize photos when you’re on the go. We provide automatic updates through WiFi connectivity, cloud storage on mySewnetTM, live updates with PFAFF® SewNoticeTM Embroidery Notification app, and the ability to create your own embroidery with your phone or tablet camera with PFAFF® ImageStitch app.

3. Enhanced Original IDTTM
Integrated Dual Feed technology from PFAFF®, precisely feeds all types of fabric from the top and bottom for perfect stitching every time. On the creative iconTM this feature has it’s own power source for more control and a new built-in sensor will let you know when to activate or deactivate it.

4. Unprecedented Lighting Design
Our innovative lighting technology gives you the most even work light on the market for the brightest sewing experience. LED lighting is perfectly positioned at the most beneficial points to eliminate shadows.

5. Power, Stability and Precision
Our revamped base design reduces vibrations, giving you the power and stability you need for the most precise results. We’ve also increased needle piercing force by more than 90% to 150 NWT for more strength.

6. Innovative and Exclusive Stitches
Experience unique, advanced sewing techniques: Floating Stitches, Radiant Stitches, Single, Double and Tri- ple Ribbon Stitches, Lace Edge Stitches, and Stacking Stitches for sophisticated design. Customize projects with 27 proprietary embroidery techniques, and 812 (47 machine-exclusive) built-in embroidery designs.

7. Automatic Needle Threader
Our fully automatic needle threader is available on the creative iconTM. The thread paths with telescopic thread guides allow you to use larger spools and more specialty thread.

8. Smart, Computerized Interface
A brand new, specially designed Graphical User Interface, loaded with features never seen before on a sewing and embroidery machine includes Help Center, User’s Guide and Getting Started to support and inspire sewists.

9. Multi-Touch, Tablet-Like Screen
he screen is ≈ 68% bigger than before and works like a smart phone or tablet. Swipe, zoom, pinch and personalize on the brand’s largest, most customizable, and intuitive 10.1in (257mm) full-color display.

10. ActivStitchTM Technology
With three patents, this revolutionary technology delivers precise, gorgeous embroidery even when using challenging novelty threads like metallic. Sensors measure the fabric thickness to regulate the amount of thread needed to achieve perfect balance between the needle and bobbin threads. Results are perfect on both sides of the fabric.

Top 10 creative iconTM Features