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Powerquilter 1600 stationary quilter

Powerquilter 1600 stationary quilter

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The powerquilter™ 1600 stationary quilting machine is the perfect machine to achieve any free-motion quilting project with features designed to enhance your experience.


  1. Built-In Optical Stitch Regulation - Achieve consistent and beautiful stitch quality by setting the regulated stitch length between 4-22 stitches-per-inch for a professional finish.

  2. 2,100 Stitches-Per-Minute - Complete your projects in no time with stitching speeds up to 2,100 stitches-per-minute; faster than before.

  3. LED Lighting - Bright built-in LED lighting around the needle area and into the work- space, offer superior lighting* for a clear view of your project. With the ability to control the brightness via the color touch screen you can have the best lighting for any project.

  4. Extra Large Machine Space - Quilt large projects with room to spare in the 16” (40.6cm) throat space with 8” (20.3cm) vertical space.

  5. Project Tools - All the project tools you need are directly on your screen. Track how much time you have worked on a project with the built-in project timer, see exactly how many stitches any project or technique takes, and more.